French Beginner One - Online Course
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Dates: Anytime
Times: Distance learning
Location: Anywhere
Price: ฃ6.99
This 5-WEEK course focuses on speaking, listening, reading and writing French in everyday situations, with a strong emphasis on conversation.

We use interactive teaching techniques and a variety of different source materials and classroom activities, making the lessons fun whilst helping you retain your newly acquired knowledge.

The following topics will be covered:

• greetings and introductions
• the French alphabet
• countries and nationalities
• talking about family and friends
• numbers and the time
• colours and descriptions
• packing a suitcase
• finding out about a new city
• ordering food and drink


• Nouns - feminine, masculine, singular and plural
• Verbs ending in 'ER', ‘๊tre’ and ‘avoir’, present tense
• Interrogatives: 'O๙', 'quel', 'comment', 'que', etc.
• Articles, definite and indefinite
• Il y a + il n'y a pas

Who can join?

Both absolute beginners or beginners who would like to learn to speak basic French in a relaxed, friendly environment.

INCLUDED: 30-day money-back guarantee (for first e-course)

We look forward to seeing you there. A bient๔t!